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Gold Price on Mahavir Jayanti

28,684 Sun, 09th April 2017
29,310 Tue, 19th April 2016
26,454 Thu, 02nd April 2015
28,762 Sun, 13th April 2014
26,368 Wed, 24th April 2013
28,084 Thu, 05th April 2012
21,491 Sat, 16th April 2011
16,302 Sun, 28th March 2010

Historical data of 24 karat gold price on Mahavir Jayanti given in Rs/10gm.

Silver Price on Mahavir Jayanti

41,379 Sun, 09th April 2017
39,754 Tue, 19th April 2016
37,269 Thu, 02nd April 2015
43,176 Sun, 13th April 2014
42,868 Wed, 24th April 2013
56,064 Thu, 05th April 2012
62,465 Sat, 16th April 2011
26,405 Sun, 28th March 2010

Historical data of silver price on Mahavir Jayanti given in Rs/Kg.

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