What are the advantages of investing in gold?

Published on 2016-09-28


Easy liquidity when in need of money and a safe investment even during economic uncertainties are the two biggest advantages of investing in gold.

When in need of urgent money, gold can easily be sold to a local market jeweller for some quick cash. While it is also very easy to get loan against gold with many big and small banks and financial institutions offering attractive interest rates which are lower than the personal loan interest rates. To get gold loan one doesn't needs to provided any salary certificate or an income proof, neither the credit history of the person availing a gold loan is been checked as here the gold itself acts as a security towards the loan taken by the individual.

People also invest in gold as it is considered as a safe investment during uncertain times. If stock or real estate market collapses, investment in gold increases immediately as investors need to keep investing money for making profits which eventually pushes the gold price in an upward direction because of the demand created as seen during the recession of late 2000s.
An investor can use gold as a protection against currency devaluation, political instability in a country, inflation or deflation or just to balance the risk aspect of his investment profile. While, you can also expect descent and assured returns on your gold investment if retained for a longer period.

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