Is investing in silver better than gold?

Published on 2016-09-23


Investing in silver is a good option but whether it is better than investing in gold is something one needs to decide on its own. As a matter of fact silver has more industrial usage then that of gold besides being one of the precious metals.

Cost of silver has sky rockets in the past only to settle down at a later period though still at a higher level. It has given exceptionally good returns to it investors than that of gold though to book such profits an investor needs to understand the market risk associated with silver as a trading commodity as well the time to buy and sell it.

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For a common man weight or storage size is one of the constraints attached to investment in physical silver which keeps many people way from investing it. Silver is generally bought in kilograms so today a Rs.50,000/- investment may help you buy roughly about one kilogram of silver bar but the same amount of investment will get you 15 to 18 grams of gold which will require a smaller storage space.
Now imagine having a bank locker and a need to invest Rs.50,00,000 only in physical gold or physical silver. You are left with no option but to go for gold as you will not have enough space in locker to store all the silver you have bought. Also, silver at times does not have easily liquidity in local market as to that of gold which.

In all silver is a good investment option but then it has it's own set of storage issues, liquidity limitations (compared to that of gold) and other market related risks.

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