Gold Price Forecast And Prediction 2018

Published on 2018-03-14


The gold price forecast for 2018 is looking quite steady on the increase. There is now a steady growth which is seen almost every month. This continual growth is steady and forecasted to reach to its higher levels over the next half of 2018. There is a clear growth of around 8% annually since last year.

gold price Prediction 2018

Mid-2014 Mid-2015 Mid-2016 Mid-2017 Mid-2018
30,602 25,912 29,499 28,123 30,415

Our gold price forecast / prediction for the 2018, year end is circa 32,456 rupees.

We have taken into account many future factors this year to account our gold price prediction/forecast this year. This gives a true indication of the gold market.   As you can see from the above, in years 2015 to mid -2017, there is a significant increase in growth. The first quarter of 2018, is showing a steady continuous growth. Trades are slightly choppy during the last month but will see a continuous improvement in gold trading this year.

Last week, Gold has held the short-term support region of 1300, despite a market self-confidence instigated by new Donald Trump tariffs relief and the better than anticipated payrolls report revealed.

There is reduction of trade fears, a more stable dollar and expectation around the global growth that is most likely to provide support for assets in general terms, thus weaken gold. This is mostly a true statement if bond yields increase.

Check our gold price history for more information on historic prices. We have a large dataset of historic data for statistical data which can be used to predict trading and foresee and prediction or forecast.

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