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Published on 2018-04-14


There are many Bullion dealers in India and worldwide and picking the correct Bullion dealers is vital for a smooth profitable transaction.

You will have to take into account many factors into consideration when dealing gold. Whether you’re buying or selling gold, both have positive and negative impacts after the transaction.

gold price is one of the most important factors and you must be able to act fast as gold quotes to buy and sell, may fluctuate faster than other commodities in the market.

When negotiating prices with Bullion dealers, always keep a list of prices of gold by its purity and calculate the average price per gram. You can use the average price per gram as a benchmark price when you’re trying to secure a gold trade.

There are thousands of Bullion gold dealers in India. Here is, to name a few, Bullion dealers in India:



Nowadays, there are also marketplaces for which gold bars or any form or shape of pure gold is sold by independent people.


IndiaMart for Gold, have a quite a few recent gold listings from independent gold bullion dealers.

The important factors you must consider when buying or selling gold:

  • Check the purity, 22 and 24karat both purities are completley different so the price will obviously differ,
  • Always test the gold you are buying,
  • Always reset the scales before selling or buying gold.
  • Always note down the main points:
    • Gold weight,
    • Purity,
    • Price per gram,
    • Total Price

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